When assisting its customer, the TECHNOITAL s.r.l Team will provide adequate instrumentation, to guarantee an optimal  choice of equipment.

its is important that the suppliers have basic knowledge of the factory process or of the plant: Correct and Complete information will help to select the most suitable instrument for the benefit of the customer, There are different 

measurement methodologies : Radar,  Ultrasonic , Magnetic , float , TDR….

But the main objective remains to find the best and cheapest solution

Control Systems & Instrumentation

Process controls play an important role in how a plant process upset can be controlled and subsequent emergency actions executed. Without adequate and reliable process controls, an unexpected process occurrence cannot be monitored, controlled, and eliminated. Process controls can range from simple manual actions to computer logic controllers, remote from the required action point, with supplemental instrumentation feedback systems. These systems should be designed to minimize the need to activate secondary safety devices. The process principles, margins allowed, reliability, and the means to process control are mechanisms of inherent safety that will influence the risk level at a facility

Automation and control of processing equipment by highly sophisticated computer controls systems is the standard at process facilities Automatic control provides for closer control of the preprocess conditions and therefore increased efficiencies. Increased efficiencies allow higher production outputs. Automation is also thought to reduce operator manpower requirements 


We are providing:

  • Pressure and differential transmitters and manometers
  • Radar and ultrasound transmitters
  • Level meters
  • Pressure switches and level switches
  • Magnetic and ultrasonic transmitter
  • Thermal flow meter and vortex
  • Flow switches
  • Flat orifice, venturi, Pitot tube
  • Conveyor position and limit switch, speed switch
  • Vibrometer